Friday, February 24, 2006

so I have been away from blogger for about a week now. most of that is due to the fact that my children tried to eat my computer (ok not the whole thing just the power cable, and not really eat just destroy) but all is better on that front. the van was sick again. it is better also. tomorrow there is a girls party, but I don't know that I will make it (sorry girls) mom is coming into town at some point, and there are a couple other things that have come up. tim also has to work. and I don't know that I am up for much partying.... I haven't felt all that great all week. not sure if it is a physical thing or a mental thing (or a combonation of the 2) I have read alot this week. some really good stuff and some not so good stuff. I have also watched a ton of tv. I think I watched more tv this week than I have in the past year combined. Thursday night I watched 5 hours of tv. I can still feel my mind rotting from it.

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