Tuesday, August 30, 2005

the past few days....

well, the hurricane-ness is over now, and I have lots to say, unfortunatly it is late at night and I am exhausted. so soon I will let you all in on the wonderful thoughts that flooded my mind as katrina wreaked her havoc on my wonderful state. for now you will have to be satisfied with knowing I am alive and I have power. goodnight

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Tonight was fun and refreshing. we went to the welcome week concert at MC. this is the second year in a row that I really wanted to go, wasn't going to, and then at the last minute ended up finding a way to go. all that aside it was fun. It was Hawk Nelson and Matthew West. it was me, roo, and koko. it was full of silliness and funny sayings. I love your converse and Earl the girl to name a couple. over all it was a much needed break from the norm. it made me giggle alot too.

oh and by the way I am still not telling the secret so you still have time to guess what it is. and remember that the winner (if there is one) will get something cool from me. so if you read the guess already. I have only had a couple ppl guess. it doesn't even have to be a good guess just anything.

on that note.

Peace out girl scout. And don't forget to eat your carrots!

Monday, August 22, 2005

so ppl don't like the fact that my last post was really vauge, but let me explain. this news I have may be no news at all. It could just be me dreaming up things in my head and it might not ever happen, so I am going to wait to talk about it until I know for sure what is going on (this should be a couple weeks at the most)

But I have come up with a fun way to pass the time until the secret is revealed. you can all guess what it is!!! the first person with the right guess will get a cool suprise once I reveal the secret. how is that for fun. okay, so start guessing now (and by the way I am not going to tell you if you are right or not until I reveal the secret so don't ask.) You can guess that there is no secret at all, and maybe you will be right, but you will have to wait a little bit to find out.
have fun!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I thought I might post something today, but I have since changed my mind. all that I can say now is that there might be some big news in a few weeks, or I might just be crazy. yeah, that is all I can say right now.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


So today at some point I came to the conclusion that it isn't church that I don't like, it is the ppl. then I quickly realized the problem with that, church isn't a place it IS the ppl. UGH!!!! now I am back right where I started again. I know that whenever ppl are involved things are going to get messed up. but the thing I don't like it the lying, sneaky, underhanded, backstabbing ppl. I hate all the polotics, and how ppl think that leadership=power. The more I think about the more it hurts and the more I don't want to get into it all again. But also I know that I can't not get involved in church somewhere. I just don't know what to do or how to go about doing it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I guess I just didn't realize how hurt I was by it all until tonight. all the things that have gone on in the past 5 or so months. They took away the one thing I loved most. It is getting better now. At first I couldn't even go into a church without being angry; mostly I was angry at church in general, and God for allowing it to happen the way it did. That was where I found a huge part of myself. We sacrificed so much to be here, and just because we didn't fit thier mold we weren't listened to or takend seriously. that wasn't just our church that was a huge part of our lives. it hurts alot, even more-so now that we are getting into another church. it is tough. I am afraid of it all happening again. I still need time. I can't just pour my entire life into this so quickly. I think this is a good place for the healing to start though. and there are other things that I am working on, things that are going to allow me to get away from everything to think it all over. something where I can just sit at the feet of God for a little while and let Him pour out His love on me. that is what I need right now. it is all going to be a long hard process, but I am sure that eventually it will hurt less.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


My great-grandmother died. she was 103. anyway that means my weekend will be busy with the funeral. I will be out of town from Friday til Saturday, but I may not be around again until sometime Sunday or maybe even monday. as Sunday will be another significant day in my life. (if you wanna know why ask, I just might tell you) I need to do alot of laundry tomorrow. ugh. I want to talk to someone. but not just any someone. a certain someone. someone that I miss. oh well. I doubt I will for a while. I miss alot of ppl right now. well, I think I am gone.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

the weekend was good. it was mellow, but I needed it. roo and I went out to eat Sat night and then hung out at m and t's house. I saw my dad. and today was a nice Sabbath day. there were a couple of bizzare moments, but it was FUN. tomorrow I will be swimming at the Rez with some teenage girls and my little ppl. it should be fun. one more week til the 5 yr. mark.

breathing is good.

I feel good right now, I am really content. life is starting to look up. soon there will be new poetry here. so that means you should go catch up if you missed anything. Something good is in the works.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

25 Years....

Yep I have been alive for 25 years now. i can remember when I didn't want to live past 16 or 18, man the things I would have missed out on. Today not much will be happening. just hanging out at the house for a while. Dad will be coming to see me sometime. Roo and I might do something tonight, but we will have to take the little ppl with us. not too eventful of a birthday. but thanks to some GREAT friends, I had a ton of birthday wishes in my inbox this morning, it made my day. now, I am off to make the house look decent.

Friday, August 05, 2005

ok so I missed a day an now it is my birthday. I will blog again later about the fact that it is my birthday but for now more interesting facts about 1980:

here are some random costs of things and such:
Federal debt: $909.1 billion
Median Household Income
(current dollars): $17,710
Unemployment: 7.1%
Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.25
Cost of a gallon of Milk: $2.16
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.15

America's Top 10 TV Favorites:
2)60 Minutes
3)The Dukes of Hazzard
4)Private Benjamin
6)The Love Boat
7)The NBC Tuesday Night Movie
8)House Calls
9)The Jeffersons
10)Little House on the Prairie
11)The Two of Us
13)Real People
14)Three's Company
15)The NBC Movie of the Week
16)One Day at a Time
17)Too Close for Comfort
18)Magnum P.I.
19)Diff'rent Strokes
20)NFL Monday Night Football

THE EMMY'S of 1980
Best Drama -Hill Street Blues (NBC)
Best Actor -Daniel J. Travanti, Hill Street Blues
Best Actress -Barbara Babcock, Hill Street Blues: “Fecund Hand Rose”
Supporting Actor -Michael Conrad, Hill Street Blues
Supporting Actress -Nancy Marchand, Lou Grant

Best Comedy -Taxi (ABC)
Best Actor -Judd Hirsch, Taxi
Best Actress -Isabel Sanford, The Jeffersons
Supporting Actor -Danny DeVito, Taxi
Supporting Actress -Eileen Brennan, Private Benjamin
Best Variety-Lily: Sold Out (CBS)

Other Randon facts about 1980:
Rubik's Cube Popular

'ghetto-blaster' is included in the English dictionary for the first time

Dutch company Philips launch 'Compact Disc'

So this will end out history lesson for the year. I hope that you all feel like you have learned something from this, and I hope that I didn't make anyone feel too old.

So what will I do for my birthday? I don't know. I will sleep in a little while, but after that I am unsure. My father is coming to see me at some point (that should be lots of fun.) and I really need to do some laundry, give the dog a bath, and clean house a bit. Hubby has to work so I won't be doing alot that involes going without kids, and I really have alot to do around the house, so I will probably do all that once I wake up, and then I will do fun stuff like shopping on Sunday. that really does sound like a good plan doesn't it.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

today's history lesson.

okay today we are going to remember all those GREAT movies from 1980. unlike the music portion I have heard of most of these movies and even seen some of them...

Top movie money makers in 1980:
The Empire Strikes Back $290,268,568
Superman II $108,185,706
9 To 5 $103,290,500
Stir Crazy $101,300,000
Airplane! $83,400,000

other new movies in 1980:
Breaker Morant
Coal Miner's Daughter
Flash Gordon
Friday the 13th
Herbie Goes Bananas
Mad Max
Ordinary People
Private Benjamin
Raging Bull
Stardust Memories
The Blue Lagoon
The Shining
Urban Cowboy

Best Actress: Sissy Spacek: Coal Miner's Daughter
Best Director: Robert Redford: Ordinary People
Best Picture: Ronald L. Schwary: Ordinary People
Best Actor: Robert De Niro: Raging Bull
Best Supporting Actor: Timothy Hutton: Ordinary People
Best Supporting Actress: Mary Steenburgen: Melvin and Howard

so there you have it... stay tuned for another exciting edition of 1980 (I promise it will be over soon)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Time for another installment of 1980

so for today's very informative blog on the year I was born I think we will talk about popular music during 1980 (sorry to all those that are older than me that this is making feel really old, it will only last a week, I promise)

the Billboard top 10 for 1980:
1.Call Me-Blondie
2. Fame- Irene Cara
3. Working My Way Back To You- Spinners
4. Funkytown- Lips Inc.
5. Little Jeannie- Elton John
6. Upside Down- Diana Ross
7. He's So Shy- Pointer Sisters
8. Please Don't Go- KC&The Sunshine Band
9. Do That To Me One More Time- Catain & Tennille
10. Take Your Time (Do It Right) Part 1- The S.O.S Band

Top Albums of 1980
Against the Wind- Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Damn the Torpedoes- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Eat to the Beat- Blondie
Glass House- Billy Joel
In the Heat of the Night- Pat Benatar
Off the Wall- Michael Jackson
The Wall- Pink Floyd

Album of the year: Christopher Cross, Christopher Cross
Best New Artist: Christopher Cross
Best Pop Duo or Group: "Guilty" Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb
Bset Pop Female vocal: "The Rose" Bette Midler
Best Pop Male Vocal: "This Is It" Kenny Loggins
Best Rock Duo or Group: Against the Wind, Bob Seger and the Silver Bulet Band
Best Rock Female Vocal: Crimes of Passion, Pat Benatar
Best Rock Male Vocal: Glass House, Billy Joel
Record of the Year: "Sailing" Christopher Cross
Song of the Year: "Sailing" Christopher Cross

There you have it. Stay tuned for more useless facts about 1980 to make you feel really old...

Monday, August 01, 2005

the year of Dallas....

WARNING: this could possiblly be the most educational blog I have ever written. Please proceed with caution.

so my birthday is on Saturday. I will be a quater of a century old (25 for all of you that are a little slow) that means I was born in 1980, "The year of Dallas" according to some random website. I have decided to blog lots of important things that happened in 1980 this week (ok today could be the only day I do it, but I really am going to try)
so today's facts from 1980:

1.Summer Olympics in Moscow, USSR, The US boycotts

2.Post-It Notes are introduced by 3-M (this may be part of the reason for my addiction to the darn sticky notes. I love these things)

3.The first all news service started by Turner Cable Network begins

4.John Lennon is assassinated by Mark David Chapman

5.Who Shot JR? is talked about heavily from the TV show Dallas. On November 21, the conclusion draws more viewers than any other show in TV history up to that po

6.Brook Shields whispers, "You know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing." the ad was banned.

7.Ronald Reagan is elected, defeating Jimmy Carter, and takes credit for freeing the Iranian hostages in his innaugural speech.

8.RU-486, the abortion pill is released in France.

9.The US Supreme Court allows patents on living organisms.

10. Mt. Saint Helens erupts, killing 60 people.

11. CNN is launched as the first all news network (oh joy. how did ppl ever live without CNN)

12.Richard Pryor gets badly burned trying to freebase cocaine.

13.Small pox is considered eradicated by the World Health Orginization.

14.Sadam Hussein launches war against Iran for close to a decade over oil rights.

15.Bill Gates licenses MS-DOS to IBM, makes next to nothing on the deal. The pair buys the rights to a simple operating system manufactured by Seattle Computer Products and use it as a template. The money is made later from licensing it to third party clone makers

16.Genetic Engineering of insulin began clinical trials.

17.US suspends grain sales to the Soviet Union in respond to their support of the war in Afghanistan.

18.President Carter attempted a helicopter rescue of the hostages in Iran, failing miserably.

19.US hockey team beat Russia for the gold in the Winter Olympics.
there are pictures from Friday night.... but if you want to see them you must email me and I will decided if you are worthy enough to see some, or all, of them....