Friday, April 29, 2005

Looney Tunes....

So yesterday I was hanging out on the WWW and I came a cross this site... my 4 yr old happened to be looking on to see what I was doing and promptly asked me why bugs bunny looked so mean, or something like that. Now I like the Looney tunes just the way they are. why do ppl have to go changing things just because they are old? blah....

and here is the WB studio Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dang it's hot...

It is 83 freaking degrees!!!!!!!!!! now normally this would not bother me in the slightest because I could sit on my porch in the shade of the large umbrella, and have something cold to drink while the little ppl ran around the yard.... but today is different... I decided that I would cut the grass so that while my hubby is home for a day and a half this weekend he won't have to do it... so I have been out in this blaxing heat WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!! He better realize how much I love him....

In all this I have found a GREAT way to cool down quickly,but not too fast.... BABY WIPES.... now I really already knew how cool baby wipes were from being pregnant in the summer... but if you place a baby wipe directly on your skin and leave it there til the wipe becomes warm, then remove it your skin is so much cooler.... i still need to weed eat the ditch and such but I thought I would take a short break and tell you all of these interesting things...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Today my oldest little person turns 4!!! below are some pics of her, most of them from our vacation... She is growing up so fast

Stacey with Dora Posted by Hello

Eating ice cream at Disneyland Posted by Hello

my baby sleeping Posted by Hello

stacey on the couch Posted by Hello

stacey dancing some more Posted by Hello

Stacey about to pass out at the wiggle's concert Posted by Hello

Stacey at Universal studio's Posted by Hello

Stacey at the beach Posted by Hello

my baby working hard Posted by Hello

Monday, April 25, 2005


I am home! (okay for those of you that have been keeping up I have been home since Thursday, but I have been a slacker and haven't posted a darn thing) home is just as I left it, still here and all. I have been/will be quiet busy for the next little bit however. We need to move by the first of June (giving us just over a month) so if anyone knows of anything for rent closer to Lexington, MS than we are now, PLEASE let me know. we have a couple of leads on some places, but don't know what will happen.

In other news, my grandfather is getting remairried! I am happy for him. He deserves to be happy and not alone.
And also, my oldest little person will be 4 tomorrow. that means the potential of Pre-Kindigarten in the fall (depending on where we live) and only one more year til school for sure. WOW how time flies. Hubby is staying in a hotel closer to work during the week and only coming home on the weekends... that sucks. and I need to start packing, so that when we find a place we can move. I have just been generally unmotivated though. Maybe we can have a packing party one night in a few weeks. that would be fun, right???

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Just whining...

I am ready to go home. Things have been fun here, but I miss home. I miss my friends, and my routine. I miss all the boring things I hated 2 weeks ago. Only one more day here though, and it will be spent mostly packing, and I think we are going to go down to the beach too! I have some cool stuff for some cool ppl that I am bringing back, and some of the cool things I am bringing home will need explination. I will talk about that later though. I just want Thursday to get here so I can get home. I miss hubby, and my friends. I miss my house. Unfortunatly this weekend isn't going to be fun; we have family reunion crap to do, but I think we are only going to go one day (Sat probably) instead of all weekend. It would just be too much. Well, hopefully life will be back to normal next week and I will get caught up with everyone and everything, and then I will need to start looking for somewhere to live soon. (that story will also come later) goodnight

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Pics... finally

okay I know there are a couple of you who are just dying for pics... I got some for ya here... there... be happy now. I have more, but these will have to do ya for a bit as I am busy right now... must go soon to have more fun

Sunday, April 10, 2005


really I am going to get pics up soon... we are still having problems with the network, or at least my comp on the network....and my pics are on my comp so it might be a little longer til the pics are up, but there are some good ones:) today was long, and there are lots of pics.... hopefully they will be up soon...


Well I am here, and having a great time. we were having some problems with getting the computers oline together, but we think we have it worked out now.... there should be pics up tomorrow sometime.... Had a great time at Disneyland today... I am really sun burned though, and exhausted.... balh

Thursday, April 07, 2005

my bags are packed....

and the final count is..... 4 checked bags and 3 carry-ons plus the umbrella stroller and a car seat that will be carried onto the plane with us..... and the 2 kids.... man tomorrow is going to be a fun day.... but the work is done now... all I have left to do is wash up the dishes and the kids, and sleep some, and I still have 11 and a half hours.... YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

only 17 hours til I leave

I leave for CA in 17 hours!!!! I have started packing!!! still have alot to do though.... the little ppl are greatly hindering my packing abilities... so I am going to be keeping you all updated on the trip here in my lovely blog. there will be pics (or at links to pics) and stories of all the fun. Friday we will just be resting from the flight (we have to get up at 4am) but Saturday we will be off to disney so there will be fun pics!!! and we will be seeing the Wiggles Live on sunday, so there will be pics of Austrialian guys acting goofy! it will be so fun, and I will do my best to make you all feel like you are there with us. I am sure you will all be awaiting word on our daily adventure.... I must finish packiing NOW

Sunday, April 03, 2005

This week....

so I thought I would let you all know what I have to get done this week, before leaving at 6am on friday..... so here is the list....

- clean the house (this is a never ending battle that will never br done)
-laundry (but I got caught up this weekend so just have to stay caught up)
- get snack stuff for the flight
- get batteries
- pick up glasses
- get new contacts
- finish my hair
- pack (for trip)
- start packing (for move)
- clean out the fridge

and all this while taking care of the little ppl, and normal daily stuff.... yeah it is going to be a long few days.....
well after almost a week of insanity here at bogger things seem to be back to normal. was anyone else haveing problems with blogger? like it posting things that you just saved as a draft, or it not posting things that you published? Well, 5 days til we leave for CA. things will be busy, and on top of that I will be trying to pack some for the move. it seems like there is so much to do... but I am sure it will all get done, I just don't know how at this point. the little ppl are getting excited about seeing Grnma, granpa, and uncle A. and riding on an air plane. I am looking forward to CA, but not the trip out there. it will be a long day in airports and on planes, but I can do, really I can. I just hope the girls don't freak out on the plane, or while we are in the Dallas airport for 3 freakin hours....

Friday, April 01, 2005

next week...

Next week is going to be busy with preparation for CA!!! one week from today I will be leaving for CA and I will be there for 13 days. it will be a time to relax, have fun, and see some really cool ppl!!! but I still have so much to do before then. I need to do laundry so bad it isn't even funny and all that other stuff that goes along with vacationing. And on top of all this I feel that the impending move is drawing near. He was told yesterday that new offices would be opening in April. 4 of them, all in LA. one will be his, no doubt. so not only do I need to get all things ready to go to CA I also need to try to start getting things in order here to be ready to move not long after getting back home. at least I will be able to see better.... I am expecting to arrive home on April 21 to an empty house, my husband being gone to his new office somewhere in LA. 3 of the offices will be in South LA and one will be near Shreveport.... Who knows which one he will get. I am sad, excited, and overwhelmed....