Friday, October 28, 2005

so we were supposed to do my hair last night. it didn't get done, but it will be done Saturday. tonight we are having a party at my house. yay! it is gonna rock. it is gonna be a busy weekend. but it is gonna be fun. just over 2 weeks til I get to go to nashville, see the Deb, and hang out with some really cool peeps. that is gonna rock too. lots going on, and I should be working but I don't feel like it...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

and now for an update....

first off... DEBRA I have not forgotten about you I am just really busy but I will be emailing you soon and I will be seeing you in less than 3 weeks

so now for an update on life.... it is busy.... we are having a halloween party at my house. it is going to be fun... it is cold. I like cold. life is going. things are changing. yeah that is about all for now I need to sleep.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

so an update on the random ear pain, it is still there, but not quite as bad. And the mysterious fever that came along with it seems to have gone away as of yesterday. I am feeling alot better, and I am sleeping better thanks to the muscle relaxers.

yesterday I had a fun adventure. when I left work I noticed that my back tire was a little flat so I put some air in it and went on my way to get the little ppl. I never made it however (Idid finally make it to the little ppl but my van did not) the tire decided it needed to die. it sucked. so I got someone to come get me so I could get my spare (it was at my house, not in my van, because that is the logical place for a spare to be) then we took the spare and put it on the van, only to realize the spare was flat as well, and it wouldn't even pretend to hold any air. so today will be spent getting a new tire and putting it on. then hopefully we will have time to go to the halloween carnival at the Rez. the girls will have fun doing that.

oh an debra I haven't forgotten about you, I will try to email you this weekend with the plans for when I am up there.... love ya lots

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

been a while

yep I have been slacking on my blog. partly because I have been working but mostly because I have been sick. I am still sick but go to the ENT in the morning. I go to nashville in less than a month. I can't wait to see my deb and meet up with some of the YS peeps. it is gonna rock. hopefully my sickness with be over by then. I will keep ya updated.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Well, we went to the state fair tonight. it was fun. it is always fun when you go somewhere that you know is going to be way to crowded. what is it that compells ppl to go somewhere when they know tons of other ppl are going to be there. I did run into an old friend though (I was truely suprised that I only saw one person I knew the whole time) Anyways this old friend was someone that I used to write poetry with when I was going to Holmes. it was good to see him again. It made me want to write again. I don't think this counts.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

some things I should have blogged about....

so with the business of the past week I have been meaning to blog about some things but haven't gotten around to it. here are just a few of them:

- something was said last week that I really agree with The primary goal of the gospel is to reunite people with their Maker by way of the cross, but much of what the church does today only makes that seperation lager. I don't know where the quote origianlly came from but I like it and I have alot of thoughts on it that I hope to get around to posting later.
- also now that I just started working, there probably won't be a baby as soon as I would like one, but right now I am just going to leave all that up to God. After all He is the one in control anyway.
- the new church we are going to is growing on me alot. I took a huge step (for me at least) and went out to lunch with some ppl on Mon (some of the leadership) it was nice to see them as ppl and not just positions. they are some fun ppl too.
- I got the new DC*B cd at some point before the release date. it rocks and if I can swing it I am going to see them in concert on 10-27 (I think that is the date) and then I will be seeing them at NYWC as they are leading worship part of the time.
-Speaking of NYWC the boss said it was cool that I take the time off, being that it was a preivious engagment so I am all set.
-mom has moved to TX and she is liking it, I think. life will be very different without her around

and that is pretty much all, nothing too deep and profound right now. too much going on. once I get used to working things will get better. now I have to go finish house cleaning.
work was good this week. I think I am going to like it. and it is cool working with roo. she rocks. Stacey is sick (ugh) so she is just laying around on the couch. it doesn't really seem like she is getting much better. I guess if she isn't better by Mon I will call and make an appt. for her to see the dr. yay fun. she never gets sick so this sucks.