Thursday, June 01, 2006

Six weeks ago....

Six weeks ago
my life was broken
into a million pieces
and I stood alone in the wreckage
I was left
to pick up the pieces
and put them
back together again
only when they were back together
there were still holes
missing pieces
that I wonder
if ever existed
to begin with
And here I am
now six weeks later
still clinging to
the brokenness
and the fragments
that I was able to salvage.

That's right this whole ordeal has been going on for 6 weeks (well really it has been longer than that, but 6 weeks ago is a good place to start the timetable) To me it seems like it has been 6 years, or maybe 6 lifetimes. to most ppl it seems like it all just started yesterday, and to some ppl it seems nothing has changed at all...
Today was hard, maybe not so much because it made 6 full weeks, but just because I realized how little I had accomplished, and I feel like I am in the same place I was 5 years ago. I feel pretty alone and disconnected right now. nothing seems to help much. conversations never last long enough, and ppl are too far away...


Jedi Master Deba Sing said...

I love you, hunny!! If I weren't about to give birth any day now I would come down there and give you a nice long hug. How 'bout this, you wrap your arms around yourself, and say, in my voice, "I love you sweety. You are a very strong person. You can do this." And then go find someone to play Apples to Apples with. It will be almost like I am there!

'neice said...

Still reading and still praying!