Saturday, October 01, 2005

some things I should have blogged about....

so with the business of the past week I have been meaning to blog about some things but haven't gotten around to it. here are just a few of them:

- something was said last week that I really agree with The primary goal of the gospel is to reunite people with their Maker by way of the cross, but much of what the church does today only makes that seperation lager. I don't know where the quote origianlly came from but I like it and I have alot of thoughts on it that I hope to get around to posting later.
- also now that I just started working, there probably won't be a baby as soon as I would like one, but right now I am just going to leave all that up to God. After all He is the one in control anyway.
- the new church we are going to is growing on me alot. I took a huge step (for me at least) and went out to lunch with some ppl on Mon (some of the leadership) it was nice to see them as ppl and not just positions. they are some fun ppl too.
- I got the new DC*B cd at some point before the release date. it rocks and if I can swing it I am going to see them in concert on 10-27 (I think that is the date) and then I will be seeing them at NYWC as they are leading worship part of the time.
-Speaking of NYWC the boss said it was cool that I take the time off, being that it was a preivious engagment so I am all set.
-mom has moved to TX and she is liking it, I think. life will be very different without her around

and that is pretty much all, nothing too deep and profound right now. too much going on. once I get used to working things will get better. now I have to go finish house cleaning.

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roo roo said...

hey baby, just letting you know that we can't carpool tmrw. i will be in clinton tonight