Saturday, October 22, 2005

so an update on the random ear pain, it is still there, but not quite as bad. And the mysterious fever that came along with it seems to have gone away as of yesterday. I am feeling alot better, and I am sleeping better thanks to the muscle relaxers.

yesterday I had a fun adventure. when I left work I noticed that my back tire was a little flat so I put some air in it and went on my way to get the little ppl. I never made it however (Idid finally make it to the little ppl but my van did not) the tire decided it needed to die. it sucked. so I got someone to come get me so I could get my spare (it was at my house, not in my van, because that is the logical place for a spare to be) then we took the spare and put it on the van, only to realize the spare was flat as well, and it wouldn't even pretend to hold any air. so today will be spent getting a new tire and putting it on. then hopefully we will have time to go to the halloween carnival at the Rez. the girls will have fun doing that.

oh an debra I haven't forgotten about you, I will try to email you this weekend with the plans for when I am up there.... love ya lots

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roo roo said...

no carpool in the morning. i'm at the trailor park.