Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Now this is one of those times that you are going to get to see where my heart is and I hope you understand the severity of the situantion....

Haiti is one of the poorest counrties in the world, and over the past four months it has been hit by great devistaion in the form of multiple hurricanes.... Over 1600 people are dead and over 80% of the country is under water!!!! I am broken for the people of Haiti.... I wish that I could be there currently, but there are circumstances beyond my control that keep me safe and comfortable here in the United States.... Hopefully I will be going to Haiti in December though and there will still be alot of things to be done to restore the country to it's original state (even though that isn't very good either). I ask that if you come across my blog and read this far you do something to help.... There are many different organizations that you can donate to that will be providing relief in Haiti. If you would like more info on how to help let me know.... If you can go to Haiti PLEASE do. And if all you can do is pray for the people of Haiti and those providing relief then that is really a large thing... I know that God is going to provide for the people of Haiti, but I also know that God wants His people to be involved in the process.... If anyone needs more info. just let me know... THANKS

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