Thursday, August 25, 2005


Tonight was fun and refreshing. we went to the welcome week concert at MC. this is the second year in a row that I really wanted to go, wasn't going to, and then at the last minute ended up finding a way to go. all that aside it was fun. It was Hawk Nelson and Matthew West. it was me, roo, and koko. it was full of silliness and funny sayings. I love your converse and Earl the girl to name a couple. over all it was a much needed break from the norm. it made me giggle alot too.

oh and by the way I am still not telling the secret so you still have time to guess what it is. and remember that the winner (if there is one) will get something cool from me. so if you read the guess already. I have only had a couple ppl guess. it doesn't even have to be a good guess just anything.

on that note.

Peace out girl scout. And don't forget to eat your carrots!


roo roo said...

heck yeah!!
i have no more guesses. my brain is shot.

'neice said...

I'm jealous! I'd love to see Matthew West! I really like his stuff!

Derek said...


Or could the eat your carrots comment be a sneaky way to hint that you're going to have Lasik, since carrots are supposed to help your eyesight?

mistic_mommy said...

Sorry Derek the eat your carrots comment was not a clue. the whole last line of the post "Peace out, girl scout. And don't forget to eat your carrots!" is from Hawk Nelson.... it was funny

Haley said...

My guess is that ur Pregnant..??
Um or having a huge party which I wasnt invited to lol...hehe
Or your planning on going somewhere or buyin sumthun that u really want..hummm...Thats a toughy..NO WAIT I KNOW WUT IT IS wait nevermind....:)


Haley said...

Ok I figured it out ur going to neverland to meet peter pan and tinkerbell and then ur going to wonderland to meet alice oh yeah I WIN!!!!!!! lol :)