Saturday, August 06, 2005

25 Years....

Yep I have been alive for 25 years now. i can remember when I didn't want to live past 16 or 18, man the things I would have missed out on. Today not much will be happening. just hanging out at the house for a while. Dad will be coming to see me sometime. Roo and I might do something tonight, but we will have to take the little ppl with us. not too eventful of a birthday. but thanks to some GREAT friends, I had a ton of birthday wishes in my inbox this morning, it made my day. now, I am off to make the house look decent.


Derek said...

Oh shut up about history lessons and feeling old at 25......LOL Now I feel ancient

manofredearth said...

Happy Birthday!

I wasn't online over the weekend, so I missed the festivities. I'm sure there was a wrok'n party on your blog, too. :D

Mine is a mere 139 days away. But who's counting? ^_^