Thursday, September 01, 2005

As promised

so I told you I would post my thoughts. they seem to be abundent so I will just start at the begining. I didn't right down how I felt at first so I will just type it here.

Sunday night- we decided to go stay with some friends leave monday and come home tuesday if there was anything to come home to. so I started to pack things we would need then I realized that if I were to come home to nothing I would need to take what was important with me. so I packed up all my poetry, some books that are hard to find, and my pictures. then I went to bed.

monday morning- finished packing clothes, some more stuff I couldn't live without, mostly stuff my grandma gave me, stuff time wanted, and a few toys for the girls. then left out not knowing what I would come back to in 24 hours but fearing it would be nothing at all.
it was raining and so windy on the drive over. I had my dog in the front seat and the kids in the back. and everything I hold precious to me in life behind them. it was a long 14 miles.
finally go there, got unloaded and there was no power. all I could think was that it was going to be a long day. thankfully the hurricane cooled things off a bit so it wasn't balzing hot.

that was pretty much it til that night....

(here is where the paper journal picks up.)

The power has been out for 10 hours and counting. Katrina messed up life. Things you take for granted like ice and water are now reason for fights. Power, you think it is bad that you have to wait a few days til your AC is fixed? It would be weeks til we have electricity. We do have phone lines still but cell phones aren't working. Food. did you eat a nice dinner cooked on your electric stove? WE did get hot food today. we finally got the grill started (in wind gusts up to 90 mph) and had burgers, instant potatoes, and texas toast. So I guess I can't complain. we played some cards and made shadow puppets to pass the time. We should be able to get out and drive around tomorrow, but they aren't promising power for at least a week. we won't know about our house til tomorrow, when we can drive over there. I am praying it will still be there and in one piece. I am so thankful for all the ppl that are praying for us. I know God hears you. at one point the eye was heading straight for us, only about 60 miles from us. but it didn't make it here. it turned and went East, completely bypassing us. I totally know it was because god heard our pleas. Now we need to pray for the ppl on the coast. they will be cleaning up there lives for a while. Sitting here in the candle light listening to the radio it all seems so surreal. Did this rally happen today? Was it all a dream?how long is life going to be this way? I just heard that in rural areas it could be 3 wks til they get power. the whole city is black, most of the state. Over 50 deaths in one county alone. the roads are disasters, trees and power lines all over the place.
But God has been gracious to us today. We haven't been hurt, we have been with friends, and we have had a good day. hopefully life will be back to normal in a day or so, but I don't know if life will ever be back to normal again. 700,000 ppl are without power. that is alot of ppl. some ppl aren't going to be able to stay in their homes without power. and tomorrow the sun is going to come out, and it will be hot. Almost the entire state has been wrecked, and we are under a cerfew til 8am. nothing will be known til then.

there is more, but I can't type it right now. it will be coming soon.


Haley said...

~~~Happy Happy Birthday to me~~~

Hey Lisa
Katrina was a hectic hurricane..
How are the babies doing??

Well okay Im ganna go now


Sonflowergurl said...

Hey Lisa, I've been wondering about you. Glad you all stayed safe...any new updates? Reading your post reminded me about sitting through the storms last year with my kids, playing board games and mancala, and just trying to keep our minds off of things. Praying everything is well at your home, and you all are staying safe and healthy.