Saturday, September 17, 2005

update on catlin

well, she is recovering fine. her gums are pretty beat up behind her 4 front teeth on the bottom, but only one tooth is loose. she is having some trouble eating however. looks like she will be on a mashed potatoe diet for a little while. the problem is that whenever she bites into anything it hurts and she cries out "mommy, my teeths hurts!" so that is no fun at all. it looks like she will loose the tooth that is loose fairly soon (long before baby teeth would normally start coming out) probably within the next month it will be out, yay. I can hear the screaming already.

in other news. we got a cake pan today for her birthday cake. it is a 3-D duck. there will be pictures as soon as it is made and decorated. all of which I am doing. yay.

tomorrow is Sunday. it will be a busy day. I am already planning a nap. we have partnership classes (like membership classes at most churches) in the morning, then church tomorrow night. there should be plenty of time for napping as hubby doesn't have to work. YAY!

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Haley said...

Happy Birthday Dear Catlin
Happy Birthday Dear Catlin
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Dear Catlin~

hehe Hey Lisa~