Friday, September 16, 2005

MY CAR IS FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that is almost all I have accomplished today. I did get to the store to pick this nifty little think up for my littlest one's 3rd birthday! it rocks and she will love it. (almost as much as the toys grandma and grandpa sent her that I have yet to wrap) other than that the day has been uneventful. wait no! I take that back there was almost a catastrophe (maybe I am exagerating a bit but it sure seemed that way at the time) Catlin (the one that is almost 3) fell face first onto the ground and busted her mouth. we think what happened was it moved one of her front teeth on the bottom (as it is way more crooked now) and caused her gums to bleed really bad. most of the bleeding has now stopped, but I don't dare touch the tooth yet to see how loose it really is and if it can be pulled or just needs to stay, because she has fallen asleep and earlier when I touched the tooth she screamed like she was dieing. while I was typing that last sentence she woke up and was in alot of pain. we gave her some tynenol and put some orajel on her mouth. she didn't like it at all but she seems tonot be hurting now. hopefully things will settle down by in the morning as I have things to do that don't involve sitting with a screaming almost 3 yr old on my lap all day long. only time will tell


Derek said...

Glad you got the car fixed. Now make sure Caitlin's fixed too!

Haley said...

Ah my pride & joy punk rock baby is ganna be 3 yeppeee!! She is growing up hehe