Monday, November 06, 2006

random thoughts traped in my head

- I am sad that i won't be in Charlotte in a few weeks, I'm sure everyone in my life will get sick of hearing this, sorry. I was so looking forward to it, and now, I have lost all hope of being there. I will cry about it, and eventually I will get over it. it is pretty interesting how my motives for going have changed, and now I want to go more than before, because I want to be apart of it, not because of him....
- bleeding takes alot less energy than it used to. not such a great thing but it is ture. it also take alot less (almost no) conscious thought. these things scare me, but right now I have no desire to change them
- christmas is approaching way too rapidly. I don't like this at all, but there is nothing I can do about it. I like that even less.
- i am very sad right now and i'm just not so sure why. I mean, yes, I am sur there are a thousand reasons for me to be sad, none of them seem to fit right now though. just overwhelming sadness, and no one around to share it with (i'm sure your glad you aren't around right now.)
- I really need to reconnect with certain ppl. they are good for me. i miss them. I will work on that

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'neice said...

I wish I was around. I am sorry about Charlotte. I was so sad when I got turned down this year. I know it probably isn't too helpful, but I am only an email away!