Monday, April 25, 2005


I am home! (okay for those of you that have been keeping up I have been home since Thursday, but I have been a slacker and haven't posted a darn thing) home is just as I left it, still here and all. I have been/will be quiet busy for the next little bit however. We need to move by the first of June (giving us just over a month) so if anyone knows of anything for rent closer to Lexington, MS than we are now, PLEASE let me know. we have a couple of leads on some places, but don't know what will happen.

In other news, my grandfather is getting remairried! I am happy for him. He deserves to be happy and not alone.
And also, my oldest little person will be 4 tomorrow. that means the potential of Pre-Kindigarten in the fall (depending on where we live) and only one more year til school for sure. WOW how time flies. Hubby is staying in a hotel closer to work during the week and only coming home on the weekends... that sucks. and I need to start packing, so that when we find a place we can move. I have just been generally unmotivated though. Maybe we can have a packing party one night in a few weeks. that would be fun, right???

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