Friday, May 20, 2005

just stuff

I was thinking I should post something. I miss my Debra... she is far far away... but I might go see her in Nov. that would be nice. I also miss some other ppl that I probably won't get to go see...
Crap, I just realized that my grandad's wedding is next weekend. I hope I have something that I can wear. tomorrow I am going to Yazoo with roo (at least I think I am, I haven't been able to get in touch with her tonight though)
Tim's aunt has a tumor in her brain. it is benignt but it is really big. it is in her sinus cavity and her eye socket, and it is causing pressure on her brain. they are going to do surgery on Tuesday to try to clean it out some.
other than that nothing is going on. nope nothing at all. I guess I am going to get a job working nights (11p to 7a or something) we need $$ and I will only have to work for a year. by then we should have saved some and so we should be ok. so I will be doing something normal with my hair. I got some black dye so I could just do it all black this weekend and then start looking for a job on Monday.
Hubby has had 3 interview's at one place now. he should hear something by thursday, but it could just be for another interveiw. they told him that he would have to interveiw with all the department managers. he is excited about it though.
but not as excited as he is about the possibility of working at the insurance place. I just don't want to have to work more than a year, cuz next summer Stacey will be getting ready to go to school, which means lots of changes... and the longer I work the more behind I will get with my writing. I know that if I am working I won't want to write much. I really want to write now, and I do quite frequently. but when I am working that will get put on the shelf again. but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. blah

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