Thursday, June 23, 2005


I've got nothing insightful to say. I very rarely have anything insightful to say anymore. The other night ruby and I were sitting around connecting some rather bizzare dots that have appeared over the last year. it is amazing what you can come up with when you aren't given all the information on a situation and are forced to come up with your own conclusion. we didn't have church last night, but ruby stopped by. It didn't seem like much of anyone cared that we didn't have church. it all seems so weird now. sorry for those of you that are left clueless by this post, it is really just a random attempt to find something worth talking about. it is almost July. not that that means much of anything special, cept bob and andrew will be in MS. and my birthday is close. well enough of the random posting, at least you all know I am still alive. thats something, right?

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Derek said...

You're still alive. That's not just something. It's a really cool something! Haven't had much time to catch up with you lately. Hope all is going well, or at least better.