Thursday, October 12, 2006

a few months back a friend of mine sent me an article called "A Second Look" by Ronna J. Miller. it is a look at the story of the Samaritan women at the well and her encounter with Jesus. it is an amazing article that says alot about women. when I get some time I think I am gonna type up some of my thoughts here. for now this qiote from the article stuck out to me, especially in my current situation.

"More often than not, even one divorce could leave a woman discarded like trash, homeless, without resources or support. But for some reason, men continue to pursue her. She continues to survive. Yes, she is provocative, amazing, and even secretly admired by men and women."

-- all I could think when I read that was that I want that to be said of me. I want to contunue to survie, I want to be pursued. I want to be provocative and amazing! but I feel alot more like trash, worthless, and unloveable.

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