Sunday, December 18, 2005

A christmas story....

so with the van broke, and all the other random crap going on, we had decided that christmas wasn't going to be about presents this year (it isn't about presents anyway,but wth little kids it is hard.) so I had asked some friends to pray about the $$ situation, and one of them convinved me to make an amazon wishlist for the girls. so I did. and in less the 24 hours the list had been purchased, and now the presents have started arriving. there are a couple of things that are really special about this to me. the first being that it makes me feel really loved. I don't feel worthy to have friends this great. I don't deserve any of this, but that is kinda like God. We didn't deserve the wonderfully precious gift of his Son dying for our sins, but we get it, all be have to do is accept it. the other thing that was so great about this was that someone had amazon wrap the presents before they were shipped, and the gift tag on those presents says "Enjoy my birthday, Love Jesus" I read it to stacey the other day and now she is so excited that Jesus sent her a present. I am so greatful that there are ppl that are willing to be Jesus to my family. I didn't even think I wanted anything for Christmas, but I realize that I have gotten the only thing that I could want, I am happy and I feel loved.

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