Sunday, December 18, 2005

the word wrapped in flesh, dwelling among us. that is what it is about. S talked about this tonight. about how when god has an important message for us he wrapps it in flesh and sends it to us. in the old testemant it was the angel of the Lord, and then god wrapped up is grace and his truth up in flesh, called it Jesus, and sent it to live among us. how amazing is that. and now god wrapps his grace and truth, and everything else that he is, up in us so that we can be that for ppl. I knew just what was being siad tonight. it has been happening to be alot lately. ppl being jesus in the flesh to me, and to my family. I love it. I still don't know that I can be that for anyone else, but maybe that is when it happens, when we don't even know it is happening. hmmmm.... I love having Jesus moments, no matter how small they are. like tonight, it was as small as k just putting her arm around me.
I'm trying to work out lots of things. anger, denial, worry, fear.... it all seems to come at once. and there are some things that I am convinced will never make since. I don't know...

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