Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Chistmas Eve!

here it is already the afternoon of christmas eve. where has the day gone. I even got up at 8 this morning. I have been reading Prozac Nation today, and I have to layed down after every chapter. maybe that is where my day has gone, to napping in between chapters of prozac nation what a way to spend christmas eve. soon I will be getting ready to go to the Christmas eve service, and then... I don't know. I think that somehow I was convinved that we should open presents tonight so we could sleep in tomorrow before going to my dad's. it is gonna be fun. I want to spend later tonight with my friends, once the girls are in bed, but I don't know if tim will be ok with that. I won't get to see them tomorrow because I will be at dad's house. but for some reason it feels important to spend time with them. they are a different kind of family. maybe I will get be with them for a while. I'm cold. and the girls need to eat.....

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