Monday, December 19, 2005

I feel like crap... there could be a couple reasons for this, but I think it is a UTI or kidney infection more likely, being that UTI's rarely faze me anymore.
so in good news the van will be fixed tomorrow. if it is done by lunch then we will go get it then, if not it will be Wed morning, because the stupid place closes at 5pm and I don't get off til 5.... ugh. but they do open at 7:30am. so by mid week I will have my lovely van back. I promise to take better care of her.(even though most of the problem is that I just drive way too much)
Christmas is on its way. I've already gotten the best thing ever. I have great friedns and I feel more loved than I have in a really long time.
I was thinking about christmas memories today. my favorite christmas growing up was my Sr. year. yea that is a bit weird since it was just a month be for that I that I got kicked out of my dad's house. but I got to experience Christmas in a completely different way that year. I went to the mountains in NM and spent christmas with some ppl that are still very dear to me. I didn't get alot of stuff, but it was great. I think this will be one of those christmases too. you know, the ones where what you learn is so much more important than what you get. I like those the best. and I have concluded that hugs are the best presents

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roo roo said...

please bring my apple pie tmrw to work.