Monday, May 29, 2006

here it is 7pm and I haven't been out of my pj's all day. didn't get much accomplished that I had wanted to, even though most of it wasn't stuff that would be noticed by many ppl anyway. soon the little ppl will be in bed and I will have some time think and hopefully connect with some ppl. I really feel like I need to be connected right now, and I feel pretty disconnected.

I was thinking about how Jesus interacted with sinner during his life. With sinners he was never pushy or rude, so why is it that the church thinks they have a right to be pushy and rude? why is it that we can't learn from Jesus and be tender and gentle with sinners, after all they are the ones that need it most. we tend to do just the opposite of what Jesus did. We beat up sinners and we gentle with religious ppl... that just doesn't sit well with me. Thankfully I am not in a church that likes to beat up sinners, but I know alot of ppl that are or have been. Those ppl have consumed my thoughts today. I hope they find a church (or even just a random group of ppl) that is willing to be Jesus to them, because that is when healing will begin.

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