Thursday, February 10, 2005

sad things....

Well for all of those who know my hubby is awaiting his own office... he was told by the big man today that it would be soon. How soon you ask, well within the next couple of weeks more than likely. and we was told by, the not quite as big but almost, man that it was looking like NW LA (no not Los Angles, but louisiana) this is trumatic for me... I don't want to move to stinking NW LA... I don't want to move at all!!!!!!!!! and with everything else that is going on this is really the last thing I need... there are some good points but right now I am chosing to be tramatized by the whole thing... once he is moved they will put him up in a hotel for up to 60 days to give us a chance to figure out what to do and move.... so then it is looking like I will be moving in less than 3 months... I don't know that I can take this... I really don't... I am going to need lots of support and this screws everything up... I will move though and things will work out, but it is going to be hard!!!! I just want to cry, but I can't and I hate that... we haven't even been in this place for a whole year yet (we have been in pearl but not this house) I am tired of moving... I don't want to do it anymore... and now we are going to be going to somewhere that I don't know anyone... I am going to have to start all over... I can't do this again.... I need sleep... BLAH

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