Thursday, February 24, 2005


so I HATE waiting on things, especially whe n I know I have no control over the situation at all. I would rather you just not tell me anything until it happens...Unfortunately I did not get this option... Two weeks ago I was told that we would be moving, but told that we didn't know when or where!!!!! We were given the best guess estimate that it might be in about 2 weeks and it could be to NW Louisiana... And since then NOTHING!!!! so I am just sitting here waiting rather angry at this point that ppl feel that just because you work for them they can mess with your life like this... I mean I understand that they may really not know until 2 days before he is asked to be there, but WHY did they say anything to begin with... I feel like I should be packing, but what if they decided to keep him in this area (which I would love but that is not the point right now)... I have become semi okay with the idea of moving, I just want to go ahead and get it over with already, I don't want to sit around waiting anymore... I want to get on with my life... There are so many things that I can't plan for right now because I have no freakin clue where I am going to be a month from now! UGH! As you can tell this is really getting the best of me... I feel somewhat debilitated by the whole situation... I hate not knowing....

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