Saturday, January 27, 2007


Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connections Between Sexuality And Spirituality by Rob Bell

i stumbled across a sample from this new book of rob's that won't be out til march. I don't know if i can wait til march to read it. the sample was the fist chapter (or part of it?) and it was amazing. a couple things that i REALLY needed to hear today....

And that’s Jesus’ point with the “gouge out your eye” teaching. His point isn’t
that you should mutilate your body if you find yourself lusting after someone.
His point is that something serious – sometimes hellish – happens when
people are treated as objects, and we should resist it at all costs.
-wow, yeah. there is alot of living proof as to how very true this is.

When a human being is mistreated, objectified, or neglected, when they are
treated as less than human, these actions are actions against God. Because
how you treat the creation reflects how you feel about the Creator.
-i don't know that i have ever REALLY thought about it like this before.

so yeah, i really can't wait til this book is released in march. Velvet Elvis was marvelous, but this new book... it is coming at a time in my life where I really desire to heal from alot of the hurt that has happened. one review says
Sex God is about relationships revealed in a way that elevates the human condition and offers hope to those whose relationships are wounded.

um yeah...can't wait to read the whole book....


Atypical Girl said...

I wanna read it, too. Rob Bell has a way of putting things that just make sense. Oh, and maybe some of these Christian guys who go to Hooters will read the book and rethink a few things.

beautifulmess said...

maybe my ex will read it and rethink some things.


it looks to be a good one. of course, i enjoy rob bell's thoughts anyway so i'll be picking it up.