Friday, March 25, 2005


today has been great! I went to the Good Friday service at Journey tonight and it was amazing! Very powerful, and it was great to get to experience a different type of worship than what I have grown acustome to.. We are going to go to the Easter Celebration at Smith park on Sunday... it should be great as well. other than that I have spent today being somewhat productive. Finally got some summer clothes (it was 82 here today) and I also tried to blow up my house.... ok well I didn't really try to but it almost happened.... after shopping I came home and the whole place smelled of gas.... i opened some windows and then went in search of the porblem.... it was the stinkin pilot light on the stove. it had went out so there was gas leaking into my house.... I lit it and all was well, but ever since I have had the worst headache ever..... ugh... I think I will go to bed soon and hope the head ache goes away... oh and hubby has decided that I get the day off tomorrow !!!! :) I might catch a movie.... and suggestions? other than that I will probably just take the lap top out somewhere and write.... I like to do that....

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