Thursday, March 10, 2005


I had this conversation with someone today about writing... it made me want to write again.. don't worry I didn't write anything new (cept for this post of course) but it got me thinking... maybe I really should write something.... I feel like I have alot to say.... so now I will spend the next week or two going through all the things I have written trying to decide what is crap and what is almost good... then I may post some of it over in my poetry blog....then I might write something new... wouldn't that be a treat... but for now all I have done is dig out the stack of all the stuff I have written that isn't in the comp yet and it is sitting on my desk and on the floor around my desk, and some of it has spilled over into the kitchen.... yes there is quite a bit of it... my writing was called edgy/real/transparent today.... why would anyone want to read my edgy/real/transparant crap when they are living there own? I have no doubt that I will never stop writing, but will I ever really write? okay it is 1:30 in the morning and I am making very little sense now, or maybe you understand completly.... if you do, thank you.... if you don't, I am sorry to have bothered you...

oh and thanks for getting me stared again, you mystirous friend.... I am always much happier when I write.... so thank you.... :)

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manofredearth said...

Good stuff. I think people need to read other peoples' edgy/real/transparent stuff to remember that they are not alone, that all human beings share in this world from the deepest pains to the highest joys. I hope to see more, and to know that it's leading you on to higher joys while doing so.