Wednesday, December 22, 2004

the dinner roll incident

so Friday we are going to eat dinner (supper, or what ever you call that night time meal) with Debra... we are going to cook at her house... it will be fun... last night I went out and got all the yummy food to cook... here is what I got:
  • ham (yummy)
  • sweet potatoes (which I don't eat but everyone else does. sure hope Debra knows how to cook them)
  • green beans
  • potatoes (to cook with the green beans)
  • corn
  • salad (debra do you guys have salad dressing at your house? I forgot to buy some but I can get some if you all don't have any... and I remembered that you don't like iceburg lettuce, that was you right?)
  • baby carrots
  • dinner rolls (the whole point of this post will soon be revealed)

so got home put it all away and life was dandy ( I think I left some stuff out but I can't think of what now) and today was going good... I put the girls to the table to eat lunch and I went to get something from the van... I was gone less than 3 mins... I come back in, walk to the table and see the dinner rolls on the floor under the table!!!!!!!!! each one had one bite taken out of it and my 3yr old little person was hiding in the bathroom... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.... why can't I have anything in my house that doesn't get ruined by the little ppl? I am so mad.... yeah so now I have to go buy more dinner rolls, so if you think of anything else we need let me know and I will pick it up....


Jedi Master Deba Sing said...

I just commented on your post about what you were doing the other day. Check it out.

emily said...

yummmy!! All of that food sounds very good..especially the ham and sweet potatoes..sorry about rolls

Jedi Master Deba Sing said...

Are the baby carrots the kind you cook or just eat cold from the bag? Because I have the cold kind. I have green beans and corn, so if you don't want to you probably won't have to bring those. Also, I was thinking about making broccoli casserole, do you think you guys would care for that? I am also making pecan pie and beer bread. I have a recipe for "Herbed Potatoes", do you want to do that with your taters? I have a recipe for sweet potatoes but I have never done it myself, I have only had my moms, so I hope I cook it right. Wow, this is one of the longest comments ever.

mistic_mommy said...

baby carrots can be cooked or eaten cold (I like them cooked), herb potatoes sound good to me. I bet the girls and tim would eat the brocoli thing but I dont eat brocoli... um........ yeah I don't remember what else you said in your comment so that is all

roo roo said...

FOOD GOOD!! i need sleep.