Friday, October 29, 2004

better today...

Thanks to all who said happy things to me... hopefully you know who you are... things are better today, aside from being exhausted cuz I went and hung out with some friends last night... I am trying to figure out alot of things right now, but it seems like I have been so absorbed in my own yuckiness that I have forgotten what I was doing to begin with... I am trying to work on my book idea but right now there is just too much in my head... what with all this POMO talk I am not even sure where I stand on it all yet...I do think that leaders are on the same journey, but should they be held to a higher standard or is there only one standard... I like to drink on occasion, but I don't get drunk, is that okay or should I refrain from all alcohol because I am in a leadership postition... At least I am honest about it... I know that I srew up, but I also know that God is going to be there when I screw up just like He would be there if I didn't... There is nothing I can do to change His greatness either.... no matter how good or bad I am, God is still God.... wow that is a powerful realization... maybe if I am not so focused on being good all the time I wouldn't mess up so much... how would it look if all the people in leadership positions just stopped trying to be perfect and admitted that they didn't know what they were doing have the time and the screw up daily... maybe then people would be able to see past all our mistakes and carppiness and really see who God is... Could it happen???

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