Sunday, October 03, 2004

Crappy, crappy, crap, crap....

I feel like poo.... today has been not so normal... I went to Journey tonight because J said we should just go somewhere else since it would just be the 2 of us in our small group... don't know that that is exactly what he ment but it was cool... I like it there alot.... not like RTPC though.... I think I figured out why I have stayed at RTPC even through all the crap, it isn't always comfortable... now I know you are thinking that that is why I should have left, but I think that God wants us to be uncomfortable.... I think that the problem comes when we get comfortable with what we are doing... Journey was very comfortable to me.... the people were nice to.... there was one weird thing but it shows how we should be.... See there were these 3 guys sitting near me and at the begining of the 'service' we were asked to get into groups and pray together.... well, I got with these guys cuz they were right there.... They wreaked of cheap beer.... It was so gross... but the whole time people were coming up to them saying that they were glad they were there.... no one cared that they smelled of beer... WOW!!!! that is just how Jesus was... I will surely go back some... Also Journey does a homeless ministry... they feed the homeless at smith park on Monday nights.... I want to talk about doing something like this when I get back... maybe we can do it another night and we can get some other churches involved and it can end up being that someone goes ever night of the week.... how cool would that be... Well, tomorrow is going to be busy so I should go try to sleep soon... only one more day and then I leave for Big D

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