Thursday, October 28, 2004

GRRRRR... (just venting)

Why is it that everyone is more important than me... It doesn't matter if I am about to go insane or jump off a bridge because he has to work or he is tired or he just doesn't feel like dealing with anything, so I have to do it because if no one deals with it then... Crap let's not even go there... and then I stay up til 2am just so I can have some time to myself without screaming little people or other crap going on... and then I feel like crap the next day because I didn't get enough sleep... I HATE THIS!!!! why is it that all my posts, or at least the majority, over the past few weeks have been me whining.... maybe I just whine to much... maybe this is all my fault and I am just taking it all to the extreme... maybe I deserve all this because I am an aweful wife, mother, friend, person in general.... Now he has to study.... that is great... I don't need a break... I don't feel like crap... I haven't had a crappy day... I can handle all this and your crap too... LIFE SUCKS right now at least....

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