Thursday, October 14, 2004

I need....

I really need to blog just to get all these emotions out... but you can never tell who is going to be reading this... I am sure if I say anything someone will take it wrong and there will be more rumors.... Don't want to go there really.... Maybe a peom though

Happiness slips into my soul
and I am overwhelmed by emotions
I just don't understand
why things have happened this way
Is it wrong,
that you make me feel this good
and that you make me smile.

Always on my mind
even when you are no where to be found
wanting you to know
just how you have touched my soul
and changed the way I feel.

Even in the middle of this mess
I am still smiling
because I know that you are there for me
and that you really do care....

You know who you are and hopefully how I feel....
no more for now... I think I am going to cry....

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