Sunday, October 24, 2004

doing church different (or what happened this morning)

Today started out like anyother sunday with seting up the skating rink floor for church and putting together the sound system and all... church started like always.... prayer, good mornings, ect... then the band started playing (mind you we acctually have a rock band that leads worship) somewhere during the second song we lost ALL power in the skating rink so nothing was working, no sound no words on the video screen, NOTHING... the band looked a little bit stressed but the congrigation kept singing.... we sang a couple more songs (with no music and no loud voices in the mics.) then the preacher got up.... He said that he had prepared a sermon, but God showed up instead and he knew that God had somthing to say but he didn't know what it was.... So he opened the floor to anyone that felt God wanted them to talk... It was amazing... People shared praises, prayer requests, and just thoughts on what God is doing here.... IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!

Now my question is... should there be more of this in church??? this morning I saw REAL people REALLY loving a REAL God... isn't that what church is supposed to be about? the only way the "postmodern" generation is going to know the REAL God is if they see REAL followers, right?

We can't continue pretending our lives are great even when we are miserable, if we people to know God, or can we? does this make sense? Give me whatever feedback you have... mind you this service WAS NOT planed to happen this way in anyones mind other than God's. Could this type of thing happen if we planned for it????

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