Saturday, October 02, 2004

this sucks...

Everyone in my house needs to sleep but I am all awake and stuff... I don't want to go to bed yet but since my hubby is sick and sleeping in our room, and my mom is still sleeping in our living room, there isn't anywhere for me to be that I am not keeping anyone awake... maybe I will take my book and go sit in the bathroom... I should go to sleep soon because I have to be up in the morning, but I am not tired... Maybe I will go see if roo is awake, but I doubt she is... she is probally sleeping anyway.... Don't know what will be going on tomorrow, but then again I never know what Sunday holds... maybe I will just come home and hang out between church and small group... watch a movie or something... Well, I leave for dallas in 3 days and then I will be busy busy busy so I should enjoy not doing anything while I can..... night

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