Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ginny Owens...

okay so we went to the Ginny Owens concert.. it was way fun... all those who didn't go should be greatly depressed now... a good time was had by all 2 of us... and then we went to America's Diner... it was fun.... here are some pics...

Ginny :) Posted by Hello

this one isn't that good... Posted by Hello

here is Ginny and the drummer... his name was nate right? Posted by Hello

here is one of them all... it is a little grainy but it is the best I could get Posted by Hello

nice ginny and nate pic Posted by Hello

they only pic of tony and the close up of his face is bad so I will not post it Posted by Hello

I will post about all the excitment of going to NO, and the gnomes tomorrow as it is late now... goodnight


myniza said...

i love ginny owens, i wish i could have went but i had to work :(. i am glad that yall had fun. good pics. hope you have lots of fun in new orleans with the roo and family.

roo roo said...

woo whoo ginny rocks