Sunday, January 09, 2005

a little story for you all

Okay so New Orleans was GREAT.... and I have a little story to tell you all now... I will most deffinatly tell you all more about the trip in the days to come but for now just one story.... so we wanted gnomes and we got them... I know your thinking that it isn't a good story but really it is... they just showed up outside our hotel room.... we went to sleep Sat afternoon, woke up about 10pm to knocking on our window.... we look outside and what do we find???

the gnomes.... Posted by Hello
No, REALLY... that is how we got out gnomes... Niza's was with them but they kept him restrained and he was on the floor... so yes now we have gnomes... roo's is named Darren Dervish (right?) and I think I have finally come up with a name for mine..... *insert drum roll here* He shall be called FITZ.... (short for fitzgerald)... Niza's is Beaudreax the cajun gnome... there are more pics than I could ever post on my blog so I will find somewhere to put them and let you all know where you can go to veiw them... I do however need roo's permission to put at least one of them on the web for the world to see... hopefully she knows what I am talking about and will let me know... also roo I need you g-mail adress again as it seems I have lost it and I want to send you some of the pics that will NOT be put on the web for the world to see... so I am off to find somewhere to put them now... I will let you all know

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myniza said...

thank you so much for beaudreax. we are gonna have great times together, i just know it. he makes me happy :)!!!!!