Saturday, January 15, 2005

whining (yes again)

I want to go hang out with roo... but everyone in my house is sick except for me and he doesn't want me to leave... so I will be here until they all go to bed... the little ppl are sleeping on the couch right now, but hopefully they will get transplanted to thier bed soon... I don't even care what we do I just don't want to sit here all night long.... I guess roo is still sleeping... I was supposed to go by her house at 7pm to wake her, but I didn't seeing how I can't go out... I did try to call MB but there was no answer.... I really don't want to sit here all night... I want to go have fun.... i have been stuck here all week except for last night.... I have stuff I could be doing here but I don't want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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emily said...

me too!! I'd rather not be stuck at this freggin' hotel!! argh!! anyway, I would like to hang with you guys tonight..justin is going to a guys only party at Andy's house..just let me know what you guys are doing