Saturday, November 13, 2004

tell me this isn't me...

So I usually don't post the results of these little quizes I take out of bordom... but this one seemed to be oddly true so I thought that I would share it with you... here it is and if you want to take the quiz it is the color quiz

Your Existing Situation
Unable to exert the efforts to achieve her objectives. Feels neglected, desiring greater security, warm affection, and fewer problems.
Your Stress Sources
The tenacity and strength of will necessary to contend with existing difficulties has become weakened. Feels overtaxed, worn out, and getting nowhere, but continues to stand her ground. She feels this adverse situation as an actual tangible pressure which is intolerable to her and from which she wants to escape, but she feels unable to make the necessary decision.
Your Restrained Characteristics
Feels rather isolated and alone, but is too reserved to allow herself to form deep attachments. Egocentric and therefore quick to take offense.
Feels that things stand in her way, that circumstances are forcing her to compromise and forgo some pleasures for the time being
Your Desired Objective
Her need to feel more causative and to have a wider sphere of influence makes her restless and she is driven by her desires and hopes. May try to spread her activities over too wide a field.
Your Actual Problem
The tensions induced by trying to cope with conditions which are really beyond her capabilities, or reserves of strength, have led to considerable anxiety and a sense of personal (but unadmitted) inadequacy. She reacts by seeking outside confirmation of her ability and value in order to bolster her self-esteem. Inclined to blame others so that she may shift the blame from herself. Anxiously searching for solutions and prone to compulsive inhibitions and compulsive desires.


roo roo said...

wow... i'm gonna take the color quiz... i'm a lemming

roo roo said...

i took it .... mine was pretty accurate also... very intresting... taps fingertips together (since palms are shreaded)